Dominik Kočik

Dominik Kočik is the winner of the 2021 Slovak Youth Championship steel darts, Youth Slovak Championship (Soft Tip Youth (up to 18) 2021) and at the Czech Open he was both quarterfinalist in the youth matches and was in the top 128 of the adults!

In 2020 he was the youngest participant at the Slovak Darts Open and reached the Top 128 (adults). He has also been nominated to the East Slovak Regional Premiere League (adults), playing against previous Champions of Slovakia.

Dominik was born in Prešov in east Slovakia and plays both soft-tip and steel-tip darts.

In 2021 in steel tip competitions, he won the Youth Slovak Championship, and was a semi-finalist at the Slovak Nike Open in both youth and teams matches. He’s a two-times winner of the Regional Masters and in the Slovak Cup he was placed 3rd (adults warm up) and a youth semi-finalist. At the Czech Open he was quarter-finalist (youth) and in the Top 128 overall (adults).

In 2021 he entered the Soft-tip Regional Masters and was youth winner and adult runner up. In the Czech Regional Masters, he was runner up in both the adult pairs and individuals. In 2020, Dominik was three-times winner youth and adult runner-up at the Regional Masters tournaments (soft tip). He was also winner of Slovak Youth Cup.

Dominik said “My whole family are so pleased that I have signed for Mission. They are all really cool and Darryl has been great to work with! I will wear my Mission badge with pride!”

Dominik Kočik Darts Headshot
Dominik Kočik Darts - Signing