Wojciech Bruliński

Wojciech Bruliński

Wojciech Bruliński is a four-times Polish Cup Tournament winner (2019,2020) and reached the Quarterfinal of the WDF Czech Open in 2021.

He is currently ranked 20th in the World Darts Federation’s East European Men.

Wojciech is originally from Poznan, Poland and plays both steel-tip and soft-tip. He was a member of the Polish Team who won gold medals in the WDF team event in 2019/2021 for steel-tip darts. In soft-tip darts he was a member of the Polish team who took the 2nd place in the European Darts Federation (EDF) Euro Cup Slovenia 2018.

Wojciech states “It means a lot to be the first Polish player to be signed by Mission, and I look forward to representing #TeamMission in Poland and around the world.”