Ritchie Edhouse

Wibke Riemann

Wibke’s hometown is Süchteln, Germany.  She is currently ranked No. 1 on both the NWDV and DDV Youth rankings and on the German National Team.

Wibke has had many victories in the NWDV ranking tournaments juniors, many victories in DDV ranking tournaments juniors (winning nearly every tournament), and victories in DDV and NWDV Womens tournaments.

In 2019 Wibke won the NRW State Champion Juniors and the Internationale Deutsche Master Juniors 2019 / 2020. She also reached the semi-finals of the World Masters Youth, and the Final 16 of the WDF World Cup Singles Youth.

Wibke’s 2019/20 season was very impressive; she won all six tournaments and was on a clear course to be No. 1 in the rankings. She won the DDV ranking tournament (girls) in Nuremberg, Steinfurt and Flensburgand. But she wasn’t finished; having already been in the final of the women's category once before, she entered again and went on to win the Women’s title too for the first time.

In 2021 Wibke won the DDV Kings Cup, then in December she won the qualifier for the WDF World Championship for girls. This means that she was automatically in the final of the WDF World Championship 2022.

Wibke comments “I’m thrilled to be the first German player to sign for Mission and so happy to be part of #TeamMission. It’s such a great brand and there are exciting times ahead for us all. I’ve been made to feel so welcome and supported!”