James Hurrell

Roman Benecký

Roman ‘Beny’ Benecký won the Youth Czech Open in 2016 and has qualified for the 2022 World Championship.

Born in the Czech Republic, Roman is a two-times semi-finalist on the 2021 Development Tour and Runner-up at the 2019 Czech Republic Steel Tip Nationals.

With the Czech Republic team Roman won the 2017 European Championship Italy (Soft-Tip), and in steel-tips won the 2017 European Championship Sweden, the 2018 PDC World Cup Germany and the 2019 WDF World Cup in Romania.

 As a youth player, Roman was five-times soft-tip National Youth Champion in the Czech Republic and winner of the Under 18’s European Soft-tip Championship in 2017.

 Roman remarks “Representing #TeamMission in the Czech Republic and around the world is an absolute honour. The team of players is growing, and the brand is innovating; these changes fit exactly with where I am in my career. I want to push myself to grow and develop and I’ve found the place to do that!”

James Hurrell darts
James Hurrell darts