Mission Voltex - Silver Electo Knurled Brass Darts - Soft Tip - M2


The Mission Voltex represents a whole new level in brass dart design and manufacture. The Mission Voltex M2 Soft Tip has a straight front section and a contoured section at the rear which features micro cuts. The barrel benefits from a silver electro plate coating with knurling, fine radial grooves and alternating re-machined grooves. The stunning design is complemented by the Mission logo, laser etched into the rear portion of the barrel.

Mission Voltex Soft Tip Brass Darts - Twin Machined. Features: Brass Barrels,1 Set of Titan pro tips, 1 Set of Mission Flights, 1 Set of Mission Shafts with S-Lock rings, Point Protector.

19g(Barrel 17g)58.0mm7.5mm


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